Who are we?

Who are we?

That is a question a lot of people ask us. Who are we? Well, we are Chris and Stephanie!

Here is what we like to tell people:


  • Currently a Network Administrator for a local gov’t agency – I could tell you, but then i’d have to unfriend you! No bueno!
  • Spent 8 years active duty in the US Navy as an ITS (SS). SS is for Submarine Specialist, not the German “Protection Squad”.
    • Official title – ITS2(SS) – Information Technician Submarines Second Class – Submarine Specialist. Say that as fast as you can, I dare you.
  • Started his tech career at the ripe age of 17 as a Technical Support rep for Diamond Multimedia before it became S3 before it became SonicBlue before it became… extinct.
  • Hates olives *bleh!*
  • Loves Ham Radio and watching Rally!
  • Enjoys tinkering and learning.



  • Currently a creative director and childcare specialist for our little Christopher.
  • Loves olives *bleh!*.
  • Better half of “Chris and Steph”.
  • Loves writing (except when I ask her to write on a blog…)
  • Likes when I buy her flowers (except the one’s she’s allergic to! oops!)
  • Not a fan of me spontaneously redoing our home network for the purpose of ‘insert random reason here’.
  • Graciously forgiving when Amazon or Ebay packages of computer parts randomly show up on our doorstep and I she somehow spaced me telling her about it, or that I think I told her about…